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Edward Fuels Provides Total Farm Fuels Solution

Are you looking for fuels and products delivered directly to your farm? Edward Fuels carries a full line of farm fuels and products. With direct deliveries, keep full options and 24/7 availability. Edward Fuels can also design storage and handling systems that are just right for your farm. Don’t forget to ask how we can help you save money with our line of specialty products.


How Edward Fuels, A Division of McDougall Energy can help power your agri-business:

Reliable Onsite Refuelling Bulk Fuel Deliveries – Since farming requires alot of fuel, chances are you’ve got storage tanks in your yard. Whenever you need it, you can rest assured that will come and deliver dyed and clear diesel fuel and gasoline, as well as propane for heating and crop drying, right into your tanks.


Expect to save fuel over the lifetime of the vehicle by up to 3%, prevent fuel system corrosion, reduce fall off in performance, reduce maintenance costs, and lower emissions and smoke with Shell SDX with Dynaflex.

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Tank Monitoring – This simple service means you can rest assured that you’ll have a supply of fuel when you need it most.

Tank and Fuel Pump Rentals – Instead of spending your precious time sourcing, purchasing and coordinating the delivery of fuel storage tanks and all the equipment that goes with it, it pays to let McDougall Energy look after it for you.

Lubricants & Greases – To keep all your equipment running smoothly, you need the right lubricants. Edward Fuels can supply all the bulk or packaged lubricants and greases you need!

Specialty Fluids – It takes more than fuel and lubes to keep a diesel engine up and running. Count on Edward Fuels to deliver all bulk DEF, antifreeze and washer fluid your equipment requires.


Whether you're a large or small cash crop farmer, livestock farmer, you can trust Edward Fuels to do more than just fuel your equipment. We're here to fuel your success through quality products, reliable service and dependability that we'll be there when you need us most.


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