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Our past plays an integral part in how we approach the future, and the common thread that weaves through McDougall Energy’s storied history is family.

The McDougall name is the face of our business. We are dedicated to maintaining the same excellence in service and customer satisfaction that three generations of family have built since 1949.

The timeline below illustrates the journey that marks where we are today. Building trusted relationships have been the foundation of our success from the very beginning. Each acquisition, maneuver, or strategy was a decision made with integrity and our Core Values in mind.

Over 10 years ago, the McDougall Energy evolved by immersing itself in the Auto market. We have been active in the Retail, Convenience, and Branded Wholesaler markets. Over the years we have expanded this market first into Northern Ontario, as well as Ottawa and Thunder Bay, while also having a footprint in British Columbia and most recently, Alberta.

We look forward to a future full of new possibilities where our values continue to reflect our history.

1945 Allan McDougall began working for Imperial Oil, based in Timmins, Ontario.
1949 Allan and Lucy relocated their family to Thessalon, Ontario.  Allan became the regional ESSO agent.
1968  Bryan, Allan and Lucy’s son, became a burner service agent and an ESSO associate, introducing Home Heating into the McDougall family repertoire.
1972 Allan McDougall retired, after 23 years of service in the industry, leaving son Bryan and his wife, Joy, to run the McDougall Fuels business.
1973 Bryan and Joy expanded the business by amalgamating with the Blind River operation, doubling the size of McDougall Fuels.
1987 McDougall Fuels became an ESSO Branded reseller, purchasing existing agencies along with the Sault Ste. Marie office from Imperial Oil.
1989 The Esso agency in Elliot Lake was purchased from Imperial Oil.
1990 The Texaco Home Comfort business in Sault Ste. Marie was amalgamated into McDougall Fuels.
1994 The Esso agency in Chapleau was purchased from Imperial Oil.
1996 O’Riley Fuels in Chapleau was purchased and amalgamated with the existing McDougall Fuels Chapleau agency.
1998 McLeod Fuels was purchased and amalgamated into our Sault Ste. Marie operations.
1999 Rankin Fuels in Thessalon was purchased. Also, ICG Propane, Blind River, was purchased, adding propane as another business line for McDougall Fuels.
2006 King Propane was acquired adding to our growing propane business line.
2007 Operations in Red Lake, British Columbia and Timmins/Cochrane were purchased and a new office was established in Little Current serving Manitoulin Island.
2008 We changed our corporate name to McDougall Energy Inc. to reflect who we are today and the direction we will take in the future.

In May, we began our Home Heat operations for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and established an office/warehouse for this region. Also, additional territory was added to our Auto Market in British Columbia.
2009 In early 2009, we began operations of our Can-Op and Swipe Pay-and-Go auto retailers in Northwest and Central Ontario.

In August, we introduced fuels, lubricant and specialty product lines under our Business Market within the GTA.

In November 2011, we entered into an agreement with Imperial Oil to purchase its Heating Oil and Commercial Fuels Agency businesses located within Imperial Oil’s defined South West footprint (St. Catharines, Ontario and St. George, Ontario).  

In December 2011, we entered into an agreement with Imperial Oil to purchase its Heating Oil and Commercial Fuels Agency businesses located within Imperial Oil’s defined Toronto North footprint (Newmarket, Ontario and Bowmanville, Ontario).   

McDougall Energy acquires Iberic Oil Fuels located out of Concord, Ontario. 


In February 2012, we entered into an agreement with Imperial Oil to purchase its Heating Oil and Commercial Fuels Agency businesses located within Imperial Oil’s defined Wawa, Ontario footprint. 

In March 2012, we entered into an agreement with Imperial Oil to purchase its Heating Oil and Commercial Fuels Agency businesses located within Imperial Oil’s defined Sudbury Ontario footprint (Sudbury and North Bay, Ontario).

In October 2012, we purchased Wardlaw Fuels (Algoma) Inc.'s fuel and lubricant delivery business in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and Algoma region.  The acquisition included a retail gas bar/convenience store. 


In August 2013, Imperial Oil named McDougall Energy Inc. the new Mobil Branded Distributor in Sudbury, North Bay, Barrie and the surrounding area.

In December 2013, we purchased the Doug Chalmers Inc. (Chalmers Fuels) fuel (excluding propane), service and lubricant delivery business in the Georgetown, Halton Hills, Peel and surrounding areas.

Office opens in Mississauga and is home to one of McDougall Energy's largest distribution and warehouse networks, offering a wide-range of products and services to municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area.

2014 McDougall Energy has explored and later added to its value proposition with the acquisition of Iberic Oil and its wheel-to-wheel business.

We are also very proud to be Corporate Partners with the national Aboriginal Business Match, with many opportunities to expand our Aboriginal alliance within the communities we serve. Our relationship with them provides an important network for our future moving forward.

A third retail convenience site 

A retail convenience site is acquired in Carleton, Ontario. The first retail site for McDougall Energy in South East Ontario. 

2017 Iberic Oil is dissolved into our parent company, now being referred to, in our business markets, as McDougall Energy Wheel-to-Wheel. 


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