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Eligibility Guidelines

Eligibility Guidelines

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McDougall Energy Inc has been actively involved in supporting the communities we operate in since 1949.  We continue to be inspired by organizations that share our vision to creatively strengthen our communities. MEI continues to invest in community-building initiatives and offer financial support to organizations in our communities every year.

Our focus areas

McDougall Energy Inc concentrates support in a few key areas; sports, health, education, green initiatives and community programs; and engage in initiatives that align community needs with our business interests.  

Eligibility to apply for funding:

  • a charitable organization with a valid CRA registration number
  • a registered non-profit organization with a valid B/N business registration number
  • a Canadian public education institution
  • Indigenous group

Not eligible:

  • Sporting events without a business justification and or charitable component (e.g. entrance fees for an event/tournament)
  • for-profit business
  • organizations based outside of Canada
  • activities taking place outside of the provinces where we operate
  • religious organizations
  • employee personal fundraising activities or events organized for families and friends
  • testimonial recognition events (e.g. Honour dinner nights )
  • political parties or candidates
  • individual applicants or individual pursuits, including travel
  • advocacy or lobby groups
  • religious or politically-affiliated organizations
  • endowments or matching grants
  • building infrastructure
  • on-going operating budgets
  • private clubs funded through membership fees
  • debt-reduction campaigns
  • trusts or funds
  • Private schools

All applications will be carefully reviewed to ensure eligibility criteria are met. You can expect to hear back from us within two to four weeks of your COMPLETED application submission.

All applications MUST be submitted online.


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