Bright Ideas
Bright Ideas Rewards

Bright Ideas Rewards

We are happy to reward MEI employees who share a Bright Idea in the following ways:

Level 1 - Everyone who submits a Bright Idea will be recognized!

As a token of appreciation for sharing your ideas, everyone who submits an idea will receive a small thank you gift. There is no limit to how many ideas any one person may submit; however, the thank you gift is rewarded only one time per year.

All submissions will be entered into an end-of-year draw valued at approximately $250*.

Level 2 - If your Bright Idea is implemented

If your Bright Idea submission is implemented, you will receive:

  • Recognition on the quarterly President's Call
  • Certificate of recognition
  • MEI Prize pack valued at approximately $250*
  • Consideration for annual MEI Thought Leaders Night

Level 3 - MEI Thought Leaders Night

Each year, the Leadership Team will choose up to two top ideas that have been implemented or approved for implementation for special recognition. These employees will be invited to a special Thought Leaders recognition event where they will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with Darren McDougall and other members of the Leadership Team at a special event (value = priceless). 


  • Directors and above are not eligible for Level 2 and Level 3 rewards
  • If a Bright Idea is submitted that is currently in progress, or it is an identified project by an MEI team, or already implemented, the idea would not be considered approved as a Bright Idea and would not qualify for Level 2 or 3. The employee would still be eligible for Level 1 (gift) and the end-of-year draw for submitting an idea.

If you have any questions about the Bright Ideas program, please email

*Unfortunately, due to government regulations, these prizes are taxable. Applicable income taxes will be deducted from your pay following receipt of the gift

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