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Sample Submission

Sample Submission

Title: Standard Voicemail Messaging for Customer Facing Staff

Elevator Pitch: Standard voicemail messages for customer-facing staff is an efficient and cost effective way to improve our customer experience through consistent, professional messaging, while enabling the promotion of the myAccount customer portal, and potentially reducing the number of calls and callbacks that front-line staff receive.


I have noticed that many MEI employees record their own voicemail messages. While they are all very polite, they vary greatly in their greeting style and the options we give customers for alternate contacts, or call back options. Also, very few people refer customers to the customer portal through their voicemail when this could be a viable alternative to phone contact.

Who Will Benefit?

Our customers will benefit the most by receiving helpful information in a voicemail message e.g. alternatives to solve their problem, or know what to expect as response time for their call.  Frontline employees will also benefit as customer’s access the portal for their needs, thereby reducing call volumes and voicemails for MEI employees to return.

Benefit to the Company?

The company will benefit by providing a more consistent and professional face to customers and providing them with more helpful options to solve their problem quickly and efficiently. The company should also save money as more people are informed of, and pushed to, the customer portal for self-service.

Process or procedures?

I’m not sure of the process or procedures but some things I think should be in the standard message include:

  • Employee name, title and hub/department
  • Company name
  • How to access the portal
  • Operating Hours
  • How to contact the after-hours number
  • How long to receive a call back


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