Bright Ideas
Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Bright Ideas is a space for you to submit any innovative ideas you might have on ways to improve our business.

What does “improve our business” mean?

As a fast-moving and innovative company, we are always looking for ways to become more efficient and effective in serving our customers. Ideas that are practical and actionable have the most potential to affect change.

Submission Tips

Here are some tips to help you structure your idea to ensure you are presenting it in a way that makes good business sense:

  • Provide a short descriptive title;
  • Provide an elevator pitch. This is one or two lines that create interest and help sell your idea;
  • Describe who will benefit from your idea. Is it customers? Is it employees?
  • Describe the benefit to the company. Will it save money? Will it make things easier for our customers? Will it help us operate more efficiently? Will it generate new revenue for the company?
  • Outline any processes or procedures you’ve thought about as a means to execute your idea;
  • Provide any background information or research to support your idea.

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