Marc Bonsall
Marc Bonsall

Meet Marc Bonsall

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100 Laforest Road
Timmins ON P4P 7C7

Telephone:(705) 264-6298


Meet Marc Bonsall


How I Can Help

I can provide you with fuel and lubricant solutions for your business through:

  • Fuel, DEF, Diesel and Lubricants
  • Wheel to Wheel (W2W) services
  • Key to the Highway program
  • Cardlock Systems
  • Fleet Cards
  • Capital Equipment Install and Service


About Me

As a life-long resident of Timmins, with over 20 years of sales experience, it is my goal to provide great customer service to existing and future McDougall Energy customers. I look forward to being your contact for Northeastern Ontario.

Please do not hesitate to call me for all your fuel or lubricant needs.

Serving All Fleets & Industries Including Mining & Logging

More Info on Our Programs:


Save on costs with a fuel service that comes to you

Over 2,000 fleet vehicles choose McDougall Energy’s Wheel-to-Wheel service daily. Here’s why.Save on costs with a fuel service that comes to you

Save money

Our convenient on-site fuel delivery program eliminates unnecessary fuel costs and downtime.


Take advantage of your off-hours by choosing your delivery schedule. Anytime, anywhere.  We are available 24/7.


We provide you with the tools to track, manage, and report on fuel consumption. Plus, receive customized reports and detailed data to perform cost analysis, vehicle scheduling and more.  You get 24/7 access to our industry leading web portal to assess and manage your fleet at your convenience.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Focus on your business, not your inventory

McDougall Energy plans, monitors and manages your lubricant, and fuel supply so you don’t have to.

This worry-free business solution is based on your expected demand and set inventory levels. Just simply work with your local me to analyze all of your inventory needs.

Lubrication Management

Reduce costs. Improve performance

Achieve peak performance while reducing unscheduled maintenance and equipment downtime.

McDougall Energy identifies oil contamination and faulty maintenance practices through used oil analysis to ensure reliable equipment operation to prevent potential issues that will cost your business money


The Easier way to Fuel your Fleet

Gain access to an easier way to fuel your fleet while enjoying market-based pricing, fuel management tools, on the road amenities and more.

Key To The Highway™

Enjoy the benefits of Esso’s industry leading Cardlock solution through their proprietary Key to the Highway™ card. Access over 150 sites across Canada and find everything you need including restaurants, showers, comfortable lounges, convenience stores, laundry and more.

When you chose Key to the Highway™ you get:

  • Access to nearly 2X the locations in Canada
  • A customizable program with competitive pricing
  • Fuel management tools
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Statement files
  • Card security
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Top-quality Esso fuel
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