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Count on McDougall Energy for cost-effective and safe business solutions, from fuel and lubricants to fuel management solutions.

Your trusted fuel, propane and lubricant supplier since 1949

McDougall Energy has been a trusted fuel, propane and lubricant supply leader since 1949. We are dedicated to powering businesses like yours with quality products and exceptional service that drive efficiency, reduce costs, and improve performance. Here is what you can rely on with McDougall Energy as your distributor for diesel, propane and lubricants:

McDougall Energy Commercial Reliable Supply

Reliable Supply

McDougall Energy Innovative Online Tools

Innovative Online Tools

McDougall Energy Comprehensive Energy Solutions

Comprehensive Energy Solutions

McDougall Energy Exceptional Service and Local Expertise

Exceptional Service and Local Expertise

McDougall Energy Long Lasting Legacy

Long-Standing Legacy


Fuelling Your Fleet with Confidence

We specialize in providing quality branded fuels tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you need dyed or clear diesel fuels or gasolines, we have the perfect solutions to keep your fleet running smoothly, both on and off the road. When you choose McDougall Energy as your fuel supplier, you benefit from our unwavering commitment to quality, backed by our extensive industry experience and reliable supply chain. Trust us to power your fleet with excellence, so you can focus on what matters most – the success of your business.

Legendary Lubricants for Optimal Performance

McDougall Energy proudly offers a wide range of branded lubricants all renowned for their quality, performance, and innovation. Our lubricants and greases are trusted by businesses across various industries, from on-highway vehicles to agriculture and construction equipment and mining applications. Whether you require smaller packaged quantities or bulk deliveries, we have the lubricant solutions to keep your engines running smoothly.

Specialty Fluids for Enhanced Operation

In addition to fuels and lubricants, McDougall Energy supplies specialty fluids that are vital for your equipment's reliable operation. From bulk DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) to antifreeze and washer fluid, we have you covered. Our trucks can conveniently refill your tanks on-site, ensuring you have the necessary fluids to keep your vehicles and machinery in optimal condition.

Powering your Business with Propane

Propane is a versatile and environmentally friendly fuel that is extensively used in commercial and agricultural sectors. Its clean-burning properties make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking sustainable energy solutions. Propane can be used for heating, cooling, powering equipment, crop drying, and more. McDougall Energy provides reliable propane supply and delivery services to support businesses and farmers in maximizing productivity and efficiency.

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Bulk Storage Delivery

We bring the fuel to you, ensuring your business always has the energy it needs, minimizing downtime.

In Yard Delivery

We come to your location, making refuelling quick and efficient, so you can focus on what matters most - your business.

Into-Equipment Fuelling

We come to your location, making refuelling quick and efficient, so you can focus on what matters most - your business.

On Site Cardlock Fuelling

Our secure, 24/7 self-serve stations give you the flexibility to manage fuel costs and access fuel whenever you need it.

Equipment Rentals

An on-site fuelling set-up requires storage tanks, dispensers, control systems, and more. Let McDougall Energy look after the entire process on your behalf, freeing you from having to search for vendors, get quotes, purchase equipment, coordinate deliveries, and then have to think about maintenance.

  • Tanks: TSSA approved double-walled and bench tanks for fuel, propane, lubricant and specailty fluid products.
  • Fuel pumps: We offer a variety of fuel dispensing systems and automated fuelling solutions. McDougall Energy takes care of all supplier and installation arrangements to make life simple.
  • Lubricant Equipment: Lubricant solutions from small operations to large manufacturing facilities. Choose from pumps, bench tanks, fittings, hose reels, etc.

Fleet Cards

Helping you fuel on-the-go

Save on fuel and manage expenses with fleet cards issued by McDougall Energy.

The Esso Commercial Cardlock™

The Esso Commercial Cardlock™ network features more than 150 sites from coast to coast, conveniently located along the most travelled routes in Ontario and across the country. Customers can rely on Esso™ diesel or Synergy Diesel Efficient™ fuel being available at many locations throughout Ontario, as well as bulk DEF.

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Independent Petroleum Network (IPN) Cardlock

To serve our Southwestern Ontario customers, McDougall Energy operates a network of cardlock locations in Brantford, Burford, and London. All locations sell clear diesel fuel, with dyed diesel and gasoline being available at select sites. As a member of the Independent Petroleum Network, customers gain access to more than 60 locations across Ontario.

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McDougall Energy Cardlock Network

McDougall Energy operates its own network of cardlock locations in Northern Ontario. These sites provide customers with 24-hour access, market-responsive pricing, transaction controls, reporting that features weekly invoicing with GST and provincial tax summaries and 24-hour support.

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Your Convenient Online Energy Management Portal.

Experience the convenience of myAccount, the ultimate tool for managing your McDougall Energy account online. Benefits and features include:

24/7 access to fuel management including volume and deliveries by unit

By unit reports for fuel usage, delivery date & time, location, job number and more

View recent transactions on your account or get a detailed summary of spending

Ability to view or download reports online to share within your organization

Simplify fuel management and optimize your investment with myAccount.

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