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Brands & Partners

McDougall Energy Inc. and Group of Companies represent a portfolio of brands united to serve customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Together, we strive to deliver high-quality products and superior service to our customers. Depending on your location, you may be served by any of the following brands. 



Dowler-Karn joined McDougall Energy Group of Companies in February 2022. As a Division of McDougall Energy Inc., Dowler-Karn remains an industry leader, distributing energy products like Propane, Esso™ Fuels and Mobil™ Lubricants to many communities within Southwestern Ontario. The Dowler-Karn service network includes eight branch offices and nine fuel centres, serving more than 18,000 residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial customers in communities across Southwestern Ontario.    

Dodsley Propane

Dodsley Propane joined McDougall Energy Group of Companies in October 2021. As a Division of McDougall Energy Inc., Dodsley Propane is a trusted propane distributor and supplier in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Established in 1954, Dodsley Propane is well-known in the community for providing reliable and safe propane products, services, and deliveries to residential customers, commercial businesses, and agricultural clients in Oxford County and surrounding areas.   

Edward Fuels

Edward Fuels joined McDougall Energy Group of Companies in June 2020. As a Division of McDougall Energy Inc., Edward Fuels distributes a diverse selection of Shell petroleum products and related goods and services throughout Southern Ontario, including fuel, propane, lubricants, and home comfort systems. Edward Fuels services agricultural and commercial businesses, operates numerous Cardlock locations, an HVAC division, and an Aviation division that provides one of the most significant amounts of Avgas and Jet Fuel in Southern and Northeastern Ontario.  

Brand Partners