Benefits of Digital Technology in Agricultural Business

Agricultural businesses, from large-scale farming operations to single-location greenhouses, face many challenges. One of the biggest is failing to modernize by incorporating helpful technologies that improve efficiencies, increase productivity, and offer cost savings. One of the simplest ways to help agricultural businesses take a giant leap forward is fuelling growth by going digital and incorporating helpful online tools available through companies like McDougall Energy.

“Small changes can have a big impact on agricultural business,” said Colin Bletsoe, Territory Manager with McDougall Energy. “By offering the right digital tools and online products, McDougall Energy helps support agricultural businesses year-round.”

According to Bletsoe, high-quality fuel and lubricants are two essential products that are vital to keeping agricultural businesses running smoothly and equipment operating at maximum efficiency. To help customers with their fuel and equipment needs, McDougall Energy offers a variety of services exclusively designed to help bring agricultural businesses into the digital age. These include online fuel and lubricant ordering, digital invoicing, geo-tracked deliveries featuring real-time comprehensive information, and various fleet-management capabilities.

All these tools are available through McDougall Energy’s myAccount customer portal. This powerful and secure business tool helps agricultural operations understand and optimize spending on fuels, lubricants, and speciality fluids. It’s an exceptionally comprehensive digital platform that Bletsoe said can be quickly and easily incorporated into the operations of any agricultural business to deliver great results.

Hand holding mobile phone with the screen showing the myAccount customer portal
“By capturing every detail about your product usage and making this data easy to access and analyze, myAccount helps businesses spot trends, identify improvement opportunities and ultimately improve profitability.”

Best of all, it’s available to customers 24/7, so it can be accessed any time to make it easier to use for agricultural business owners with busy schedules.”

Through a network of locally-based Territory Managers, McDougall Energy serves multiple agricultural businesses across Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area, the Owen Sound region, the Niagara Peninsula, the greater Kingston area, and multiple locations in Northern Ontario. Services include supplying top-quality Esso™, and Shell® branded fuels, bulk, and packaged Mobil™ branded lubricants, as well as propane and speciality fluids. McDougall Energy can also assist with all the details of converting your primary source of power to propane.

“Agricultural businesses are vital to ensuring a healthy supply chain in Canada, and McDougall Energy provides everything required to keep equipment operating around the clock. We can help advance any agricultural business with service, technology, quality products, and our reliable team,” said Bletsoe.

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