McDougall Energy helps ACES Waste Management (Muskoka) Ltd. fuel their fleet

ACES Waste Management (Muskoka) Ltd. in Bracebridge, Ontario, recently installed a new cardlock system linked to a 61,000L fuel tank with the help of McDougall Energy’s team. The new tank will provide their fleet with a modern, safe and efficient supply of Esso™ fuel and Mobil™ lubricants on-site, as well as washer fluid.

McDougall Energy is proud to work with small, medium and large-sized businesses in communities across Ontario to improve operating efficiency and manage their fuel and lubricant needs. 

As a valuable partner to McDougall Energy, ACES is well-known in the Muskoka area for its progressive business model and community support, being a part of the Muskoka landscape since 1972.

“As a family-owned business, partnering with the right suppliers is an important part of maintaining our commitment and reputation to service and quality,” says Nick Andrews, Director of Operations for ACES Waste Management (Muskoka) Ltd. “McDougall Energy has worked with my team to provide equipment, technology and service that enables ACES Waste Management (Muskoka) Ltd. to remain on the leading edge of waste diversion while expanding for the future.”

With the focused support of a McDougall Energy Territory Manager, the new equipment installed will supply Esso fuel and Mobil lubricants delivered to the site, including Esso Diesel Efficient™ fuel. Esso Diesel Efficient is formulated for a specific geography, and is ideal for Bulk Fuel deliveries, Wheel-to-Wheel and Into-Equipment Fuelling,

When the ACES fleet travels further from home, they can rely on the Esso™ Key to the Highway™ (KTTH) card to purchase Esso Diesel Efficient fuel at any of the 150+ KTTH locations in Canada. 

Now that the site is up and running, we look forward to working closely with the ACES team. Learn more about ACES Waste Management (Muskoka) Ltd. here

Learn more about how McDougall Energy can work with you to keep your fleet running efficiently or how we can support your business needs here.

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