Preparing your home for colder weather

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It’s officially sweater weather, and as Canadians, we know it can change to winter parkas practically overnight. We rely on heating systems during the long winter months, which is why we must prepare our homes for cooler temperatures and turning up the heat.

As a cost-effective energy solution, propane is the natural choice when it comes to versatility in providing exceptional home heating solutions, along with powering many other appliances that can save you money when it comes to your electrical costs. If your home is fuelled by propane or you’re looking to make the switch to propane, here are some tips from McDougall Energy for making the seasonal transition safe and comfortable.

  1. Clean the area around the propane tank, remove any clutter, and sweep up leaves when they pile up. Check on it after any storms to ensure there is no damage.
  2. Do a physical check of your home heating system and schedule a maintenance appointment if you have any concerns or need equipment serviced. McDougall Energy’s Worry-Free Service Plan (available in select regions) guarantees you reliable and prompt service for your home heating system when you need it most. Your McDougall Energy Account Manager can help you find a trusted contractor in your region to service your equipment.
  3. Check your tank levels and make sure you’re fuelled up for when the heat turns on. Contact your local McDougall Energy office to order heating oil or propane and set up a regular delivery schedule. With our Automatic Delivery program and no-run out guarantee, your home will be warm when you need it most. Added convenience at no extra cost, this option provides continuous service to your home, giving you peace of mind with our No Run Out Program.
  4. Continue to regularly inspect your propane tank and follow the requirements outlined in your service agreement.
  5. Keep up to date on your account with McDougall Energy’s myAccount* customer portal, make payments on time to prevent service disruptions, and check your tank levels frequently.
  6. Check carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to ensure they are in working order. Replace if needed.
  7. Times are different, and your fuel consumption might be too! Whether you’re now working from home or your usual winter travel plans have changed, let your fuel provider know. McDougall Energy customers who anticipate changes in usage this winter can call 1-800-461-0512 to review delivery schedules if required.

*For added convenience, McDougall Energy customers can register for myAccount online customer portal for free, which provides you 24/7 online access to order fuel, check on the status of a delivery, print your invoice or statements anytime, anyplace; right at your fingertips. Learn more here.