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What a Gas. Fuelling Life with Propane

Many people may not think much about propane until the barbeque runs out, the steaks are on the grill, and you have guests arriving in 20 minutes.

But at McDougall Energy, we think about propane a lot. We think about propane a lot because thousands of customers rely on propane as a primary or backup energy source for their homes, businesses, appliances, equipment, or machinery.

Propane is a clean, efficient, cost-effective, and readily available energy source that packs more power than electricity, is more environmentally friendly than oil, and is more portable than natural gas.

mcdougall energy what a gas fuelling life with propane icon home 02Fuelling Homes and Businesses

BBQs aren’t the only appliance commonly fuelled by propane.  Propane is a key energy source for many homeowners and businesses.

In fact, stoves, ranges, clothes dryers, refrigerators, water tanks, heaters, furnaces, and even air conditioning units are also fuelled by propane.  Propane fuels vehicles and trucks, farm equipment and forklifts, heavy equipment and more!  And while most urban dwellers may rely on electricity or natural gas, propane is the energy source of choice for thousands of rural, remote, urban and agricultural customers across Canada.

mcdougall energy what a gas fuelling life with propane icon efficient 02Benefits of Propane

Environmentally Friendly – Propane is an environmentally friendly alternative to natural gas, heating oil, diesel, and gasoline. It is considered an essential part of Canada’s energy system, providing clean energy with a lower carbon footprint than other sources.

Powerful – Propane packs way more power into each unit of energy than other sources, like electricity, and is 30% more efficient. A propane furnace consistently heats at a higher temperature than an electric equivalent—and at a lower price!

Transportable & Accessible – Propane is transportable and easily available, with a wide variety of storage alternatives that meet your specific requirements.

Versatile Energy Source – Propane can power most appliances, lights, furnaces, generators, retrofitted vehicles, and equipment.  Farmers know the benefits of propane when it comes to heating their homes, barns, and facilities. It’s great for drying crops efficiently, too.

mcdougall energy what a gas fuelling life with propane icon green 02Cleaner Energy for Today and Tomorrow

With environmental impacts and considerations facing the energy sector and consumers, propane remains a lower-cost and environmentally friendly option for powering homes and businesses due to its high efficiency and low emissions. Propane also makes an excellent alternate energy source for those using renewables. You never know when a backup source of energy might be needed.

Understanding today’s energy options can be confusing and time-consuming. Our trusted experts are available to answer your questions and provide you with customized energy solutions.

For more information about propane, contact us today!