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Health, Safety & Environment

Health & Safety

Our Continued Focus

McDougall Energy Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of its employees, contractors, and employees of its contractors.

We strive for zero incidents with a relentless and continued focus on maintaining a safety-first approach to the way we do business.

Joint Health & Safety Committees

Bringing Safety into Practice 

McDougall Energy's Joint Health & Safety Committee is a forum for bringing the internal safety system into practice. The committee consists of employee and management representatives who meet on a regular basis.

Its mandate is to:

  • Identify legislation or policies relating to Occupational Health & Safety.
  • Stimulate safety awareness.
  • Recognize workplace risks and assist in the correction of them.
  • Provide oversight and recommend best practices to support prudent management decisions for McDougall Energy employees, contractors and visitors.


Upholding the Highest Standards 

McDougall Energy believes that protecting human resources is a key component in managing our business. This philosophy is embodied in the corporate policy on health and safety. McDougall Energy audit programs are designed to help ensure that risks at our operating units are reasonably minimized, liabilities are appropriately controlled, compliance with applicable regulations is achieved, and management systems are in place and functioning.

The audit process will verify the existence of health and safety management systems through field observations, document reviews, employee interviews, workplace inspections and verification testing to ensure that safe working conditions and management systems are in place and functioning as intended.

Health & Safety Training

Creating a Safe and Efficient Work Environment 

McDougall Energy is committed to fostering an environment that encourages individuals to seek opportunities for professional growth and enrichment. We also encourage supervisors, managers, and employees to identify educational, training and development opportunities that will improve job safety and performance.

The increasing complexity of the work environment requires continuous development of competencies and upgrading of knowledge and skills relating directly to the safety performance of work.In addition, changes in external regulations and McDougall policies, procedures and practices have created risks and liabilities that require the delivery of consistent information to our employees, contractor and visitors.

Safety education and training is a key component to McDougall Energy’s business success. A task completed safely will also be completed correctly, efficiently, and with a high degree of satisfaction.


We believe in sustainable development and practice responsible utilization of current energy sources.  

McDougall Energy is committed to the environment, implementing best practices for sustainable development along with the responsible transportation and deployment of energy sources.

Environmental impact is evaluated and considered in everything we do. McDougall Energy proudly demonstrates our commitment to the environment through:

  • Effective project planning and implementation for the reduction of emissions, waste, and energy throughout our operations.
  • Exploring best practices through networking with peer associations.
  • Implementing environmentally friendly products and services for our Home, Business, and Auto markets.