Propane Price Programs

McDougall Energy is pleased to offer home heat propane customers pricing alternatives.

Historically, the variable price model has provided customers with a lower annual cost for propane. Pricing is based on market fluctuations and costs an pricing may vary based on annual propane consumption. The cost per litre may change weekly - up or down, as market variables impact supply prices.



How it works Your price will change – up or down – on a weekly basis and is set based on the day of your actual fuel delivery. The price you pay for propane is ‘locked-in’ or guaranteed to stay the same for a 12-month period (from September 1 to August 31 of each year).
How the price is set Rates change each week based on variations in wholesale propane prices. Pricing option is based on market fluctuations and freight costs. We take into account forecasts about wholesale prices and North American and regional propane supply for the year ahead, as well as freight costs to transport propane from supply terminals to your region.
  • Opportunity to save money by ‘timing’ your purchases to occur when the price is lower
  • Variable pricing may mean you end up paying a lower total cost than fixed pricing
  • Your price always stays the same
  • You do not have to follow propane prices in the marketplace to figure out the best time to buy
  • You know exactly what your propane price will be for the year, making it easier to predict how much you’ll spend on fuel
  • The price fluctuates and therefore may be harder to plan your fuel cost in your monthly budget.
  • Price is based on day of delivery. This means the price could vary between day of order and day of delivery.
  • If you order less than the minimum delivery amount, you may be subject to a delivery fee
  • You cannot ‘opt-out’ of fixed pricing within the 12-month period.
  • You must commit to purchasing at least 1,500 litres of propane during the year to be eligible.
  • Fixed pricing may mean you end up paying a higher total cost than variable pricing.

Changes to your pricing plan must be completed before October 15, 2023 and will be effective upon the date of approval.

Switch To Variable Pricing