Private Fuel Outlet (PFO) Acknowledgement Form

What is a Private Fuel Outlet (PFO)?

A PFO refers to any premise where gasoline or an associated product is put into the fuel tanks of motor vehicles or into portable containers. This definition excludes retail outlets, marinas, and bulk plants.

Examples of PFOs:

  • Municipalities that fill their own fire trucks
  • Farms and other agricultural operations that have fuelling facilities
  • Courier companies that fuel their own fleet of delivery vehicles
    Car rental agencies with fuelling facilities
  • Any other company with fuelling facilities for its fleet vehicles
  • Campgrounds, rental cottages or fishing camps where fuel is provided as part of the rental agreement for boats (via portable containers), ATV’s or snowmobiles. (Note: if the fuel is being dispensed directly into the fuel tank of a boat, this is a marina, not a PFO, and requires an annual license.)