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Home Heating Solutions

We offer our customers more than just heating oil and propane—we offer heating solutions that are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.


Experience the Benefits of Switching to Propane for Your Home

Upgrade your home heating and unlock a world of advantages with propane. Here's why homeowners should make the switch: 

Unmatched Comfort

Enjoy consistent and cozy warmth throughout your home with propane-powered heating systems. 

Energy Efficient

Propane is an environmentally conscious choice, as it maximizes fuel usage, reducing waste and lowering energy bills. 

Reliability and Convenience

Count on a reliable fuel source with readily available propane, ensuring uninterrupted heating even during power outages. 

The benefits don't stop at heating. Propane also enhances other areas of your home: 

Water Heaters

Experience fast and efficient hot water for your showers and daily needs. 

Stoves and Cooktops

Achieve precise temperature control and unleash your culinary creativity with propane-powered cooking appliances. 


Create a cozy ambiance with instant warmth and the beauty of flickering flames from a propane fireplace. 

Clothes Dryers

Dry your clothes faster and more efficiently while being gentle on fabrics. 

Discover the power, efficiency, and versatility of propane for your home.

Heating Oil

Discover why homeowners should consider heating oil for their heating needs:  

Consistent Heat

Enjoy reliable warmth throughout the colder months with heating oil systems. 

Energy Efficient

Heating oil provides high energy density, resulting in cost savings and reduced energy consumption. 

Independence and Security

Choose your supplier, ensuring competitive pricing and reliable deliveries for uninterrupted heating. 

Home Comfort Solutions

Your comfort is our priority at McDougall Energy.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind when you choose from our propane and heating oil delivery services. Here's what sets us apart and benefits you: 

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Never Run Out of Fuel

Our automatic delivery* ensures your tank is always filled, backed by our no run out guarantee*. If we ever run you out, we'll credit your account with $150. No more worrying about scheduling deliveries or running out of fuel unexpectedly. 

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Easy Management with myAccount Portal

Take charge of your fuel supply through our convenient myAccount portal. Pay bills securely, order fuel online, and monitor your estimated tank levels from anywhere, at any time. 

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On-Demand Delivery at Your Convenience

Need a refill? Simply let us know, and we'll promptly deliver your propane or heating oil. Enjoy the flexibility and control over your deliveries. 

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Budget-Friendly Options

Our flexible payment plans, including equal payment options, make budgeting for your heating needs stress-free. Enjoy predictable monthly payments and eliminate surprises. 

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Total Peace of Mind

Our comprehensive service plans cover your heating equipment, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently. We partner with skilled technicians that will keep your system in top shape, saving you money on energy bills and avoiding unexpected breakdowns. 

Terms and Conditions for the No Run Out Guarantee are:

The No Run Out Program applies only to those fuel oil and propane customers enrolled in McDougall Energy’s Automatic Delivery Service. 

The Program shall become null and void and McDougall Energy shall be released of any and all obligations therein, in the following circumstances: 

  • If the customer’s primary source of heat had been changed from fuel oil or propane to an alternate source of heat, at any time during the customer’s enrollment in the Automatic Delivery Service; 
  • If the customer fails to pay for fuel or propane within the agreed upon payment period and the customer’s account has been suspended; 
  • If the customer’s historical consumption pattern had been substantially altered, for whatever reason, without first providing McDougall Energy notice of such change. Examples include, but are not limited to, the addition or removal of an appliance, extracting fuel from an existing tank for other purposes and/or changes to use of the customer’s premises or the number of occupants in the customer’s premises; 
  • If delivery by McDougall is prevented by an act of God, strike, flood, fire, embargo, insurrection, unavoidable accident, shortage of labour or material, government decree or any other cause reasonably beyond its control including, but not limited to, shortage of crude oil, fuel oil or propane. In the event of said shortages, McDougall Energy reserves the right to allocate supply as it deems necessary, in its sole discretion, amongst its customers, itself and its subsidiaries. 
  • If actions taken by the customer are determined by McDougall Energy, in its sole discretion, to have been the cause of or substantially contributed to a run out situation. 

Note: Every heating system must have an inspection completed as required by law. Delivery may be suspended should the inspection certificate not be on file or if any code deficiencies are found during the inspection. Automatic delivery may be cancelled should there be any code deficiency within any portion of the home heating system, until such time as the deficiency has been corrected to T.S.S.A. standards or an inspection has been completed by an approved technician, McDougall Energy shall not be in default of its obligation should a run out occur during the period of suspension. 

*This Program and McDougall Energy’s obligations hereunder are subject to those terms and conditions noted above. 

myAccount Login


Your Convenient Online Energy Management Portal. 

Manage your McDougall Energy account online 24/7 with myAccount. Our customer portal provides easy access to your account information and makes managing your energy needs simple and convenient. Benefits and features include:

24/7 account access

View billing and order history

Make secure online payments

Order fuel and manage delivery slips

Track fuel usage (Automatic Delivery customers)

Review payment plan details

View and print recent invoices and statements

Take control of your energy management with myAccount. Sign up today for easy and efficient online account management.

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*To qualify for automatic delivery, a minimum annual usage of 1,500 litres is required on approved credit. Please note that the automatic delivery requirements are subject to change at the sole discretion of McDougall Energy Inc.

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*To qualify for automatic delivery, a minimum annual usage of 1,500 litres is required on approved credit. Please note that the automatic delivery requirements are subject to change at the sole discretion of McDougall Energy Inc.