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Easy Payment Budget Plan: Predictable payments for painless budgeting

Take advantage of our Easy Payment Budget Plan and spread out your heating costs into equal, predictable payments over 10 months.

Approximately 60% of your home heating expenses occur between December and February. This means having to pay over half of your annual heating bill over just three months, which can stretch your budget.

Our Easy Payment Budget Plan allows you to spread out your heating bills into predictable equal payments over 10 months from September to June. Plus, you have the option of paying at the beginning, middle, or end of the month, making your financial planning more flexible.

Contact us to see if this plan is right for you.


Here’s how it works

We determine your Easy Budget Payment by estimating your annual propane or heating oil consumption based on:

  1. Your past consumption information (if available)
  2. The size of your home
  3. The age of your heating equipment

We monitor your Easy Budget Payment balance and include unexpected expenses to ensure your account is on track to be paid out annually. Our goal is to always to have a zero balance by the end of June. Check out the example below to see how McDougall Energy’s Easy Budget Payment Plan simplifies your home comfort costs!

  Monthly Fuel Cost Running Balance
September $300   $300
October $300 $480 $120
November $300   $420
December $300 $470 $250
January $300 $650 -$100
February $300 $900 -$700
March  $300 $500 -$900
April $300   -$600
May  $300   -$300
June $300   $0
July  Reconciliation of Account    

Note: The July “reconciliation” will be adjusted to clear any remaining balance. If a credit exists you can leave the balance on your account for the following heating season or you can call and have the money sent to you; it is your choice!


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