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Heating With Residential Propane

Cost-effective energy solution, delivered right to your door.

Propane is the natural choice when it comes to providing exceptional home heating and home comfort solutions. It can also reduce your electricity bill by powering other appliances around your home, camp or cottage.

Plus, with McDougall Energy’s No Run Out Guarantee Program, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you can always count on having a reliable supply of fuel.

Choose from variable or fixed propane pricing.

McDougall Energy gives you the choice of how your propane purchases are priced.

Variable vs. Fixed Propane Pricing: What’s best for you?

  • Variable vs. Fixed Propane Pricing



Why are more people choosing propane with McDougall Energy?


Propane is more economical than heating with electricity or oil.


Transportation and storage of propane is regulated. Propane tanks are 20 times more puncture-proof than conventional gas tanks.


With our No Run Out Guarantee Program, McDougall Energy monitors your propane use and offers stress-free delivery services to ensure you never run out. For additional peace of mind, check out our Easy Budget Payment Plan.


Propane does more than fuel your BBQ. It can power furnaces & boilers, water heaters, garage heaters, as well as kitchen stoves, ovens and refrigerators; clothes dryers; fireplaces; pool heaters and generators. Propane can also be combined with other energy sources.


Today’s propane furnaces offer 96-98% efficiency and can provide up to 30% savings on your home heating bill. 


Portable propane tanks are easy to store, and can be transported and used almost anywhere, including remote locations.


 Find out more about the advantages of heating with propane.


McDougall Energy Inc. is a proud Canadian Propane Association Member (CPA).


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