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Propane is a clean, efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home in Ontario, Canada.

Combined with high-efficiency appliances, propane allows homeowners to enjoy lower energy bills while reducing emissions and supporting local distribution businesses. 

  • Switching to propane from heating oil reduces greenhouse gases by up to 38%.
  • When you take reliability, cost, performance, and efficiency into account, propane heating outperforms nearly every other type of heating system available. This is particularly true where natural gas is not available.


Reasons why more homeowners choose to heat with residential propane:

Cost-Effective: Propane is more efficient and burns cleaner than home heating oil, resulting in lower heating costs. Customers can also enjoy our Easy Budget Payment Plan and budget their propane costs over a 10 month period. Environmentally friendly: Propane is a clean-burning fuel that produces fewer emissions than home heating oil, making it a more environmentally friendly choice for your home heating needs.
Convenience: Propane is delivered directly to your home, eliminating the need for you to schedule oil deliveries or monitor oil levels in your tank. Our Automatic Delivery customers can enjoy 24/7 fuel level monitoring on our myAccount Customer Portal. Versatile: Propane can be used to power a variety of home appliances, including heating systems, water heaters, fridges and cooking ranges, making it a versatile fuel option.
Low maintenance: Propane heating systems require less maintenance than oil systems, which can save you time and money on repairs and upkeep. Safety: Propane is non-toxic and non-poisonous, making it safer for your family and pets than other heating fuels.


Reliable Home Heat Propane Supply with McDougall Energy

McDougall Energy is your supplier of choice when it comes to heating your home with propane. 

Propane is the natural choice when it comes to providing exceptional home heating and home comfort solutions. It can also reduce your electricity bill by powering other appliances around your home, camp or cottage. We understand the importance of providing our customers with reliable propane supply and are proud to offer a variety of Special Offers to our new or loyal propane heating customers including our Customer Referral Rewards Program* that rewards you and the customer referred with 200 free litres!


Automatic Delivery

Signing up for Automatic Propane Delivery can save you time and money by ensuring that you always have a full tank of propane when you need it. It also eliminates the need to call for a refill.

Furthermore, McDougall Energy's No Run Out Guarantee* ensures that you will receive a $150 credit to your account if we ever do run out, giving you the assurance that you'll always have a dependable supply of fuel!


myAccount Customer Portal

As a McDougall Energy home propane customer, you can enjoy exclusive access to our 24/7 online myAccount customer portal. This convenient way to view and manage your McDougall Energy account online – whenever and wherever you want provides you with:

  • Order propane online
  • View estimated tank levels (Automatic Delivery customers only)
  • Access invoice, sales order and delivery details
  • View & print recent invoices and statements
  • View proof of delivery



Easy Payment Budget Billing

Take advantage of our Easy Payment Budget Plan* and spread out your heating costs into equal, predictable payments over 10 months. Approximately 60% of your home heating expenses occur between December and February. Spreading these costs out over a 10 month period makes things easier to some homeowners to budget.


Customized Pricing Options
McDougall Energy gives you the choice of how your propane is priced.

Variable vs. Fixed Propane Pricing: What’s best for you?

  • Variable vs. Fixed Propane Pricing


Learn more about how choosing Propane to heat your home is the right choice for you

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McDougall Energy Inc. is a proud Canadian Propane Association Member (CPA).


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