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Anthony Rota
Anthony Rota

Meet Anthony Rota

Territory Manager - Home Market



Meet Anthony Rota

Which regions do I serve?

Sault Ste. Marie (North Shore to Batchewana) including Aweres Township, Goulais River, Echo Bay, St. Joseph Island, Desbarats, Bruce Mines, Thessalon, Ironbridge, Blind River, Elliott Lake and the surrounding areas and communities.

How I can help

I provide efficient and cost-effective home and small business heating solutions that are both safe and TSSA compliant. Start enjoying the benefits of:

  • Heating your home or business with Heating Oil or Propane
  • Propane appliance integration
  • Farm fuel solutions
  • Automatic Delivery Services
  • Home energy rebates

Please reach out to me for any questions or inquiries regarding the following:

  • Furnace oil
  • Propane
  • Clear diesel for your small business
  • Dyed diesel for your small business or farm

About me

I am an experienced sales professional providing exceptional customer service and product knowledge. Born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, I recently returned home to join the growing team at McDougall Energy. My goal is to offer outstanding products and services to meet all your energy needs for your home and business. I believe in a customer-focused approach and you can count on me to find a solution that works. Contact me today to find out more and check out our referral program for a bonus offer!

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Share the news about our quality products and friendly service and you can earn 200 litres off of your next bill.

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