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Karl Zwirner
Karl Zwirner

Meet Karl Zwirner

Retail Territory Manager



Meet Karl Zwirner

How I can help

  • Experienced assistance with all aspects of “New to Industry” builds or Competitive Conversions to Esso or MEI’s own quickly expanding Pump Brand offer.
  • We work hard to network with and develop your relationship with our food brand partners to get your project the support it needs and the brand attraction that will keep your customer’s coming in.
  • Exceptional personalized service and 24/7 availability to retail dealers across our network, before and after your site is operational.
  • We promote and sign fleet account business with the Esso Business Card to help drive more volume to Esso Branded retailers.
  • We provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in retail convenience stores, retail and commercial petroleum products and a driven commitment to a satisfying customer experience, with our excellent transportation system, friendly accounts receivable department and a TM that “will go the distance” for you . As our customer experience motto “We make it easy!”

About me:

With McDougall Energy for almost 3 years now, I am excited to be part of a fast growing, excellence-driven company whose goals and values align with my own commitment to integrity, hard work, honesty and empathy with the customer.

With over 18 years of sales experience and the owner of several successful business ventures, I understand a vision for a successful business, enthusiastically taking the steps required to bring your dream to a reality. I AM MOTIVATED TO HELP YOU SUCCEED!

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