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Martin Baryluk
Martin Baryluk

Meet Martin Baryluk

Territory Manager / Auto Division Region Supervisor / Corporate Retail

Meet Martin Baryluk

How I can help

  • Advice and guidance in developing a retail Esso or Pump branded gas station, or converting your existing station to the Esso or Pump brand.
  • Consultation in how to maximize revenue and profits from operating a retail gas station, including site design, equipment, convenience store products and merchandizing, as well as health and safety best practices.
  • Securing approvals from world-class Restaurant and Convenience store brands, which will allow you to produce the maximum income from your site.

About me:

I’ve proudly enjoyed 30-year career in sales and have 13 years of direct experience helping customers in retail auto markets. My experience has taught me that no single approach is the right one for each customer who operates within the retail gasoline convenience space.

I have a wealth of industry experience which provides me with the ability to assess your needs and create the best possible solutions for you and your business. I am committed to the goals and success of my customers. If you are looking to transition suppliers, develop a grass roots operation, or interested in improving your site’s offers and profitability, please feel free to contact me.

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